Make Your Entire Home as Unique as Your Rugs

Posted on May 7, 2013

rugsIf you are like most people you want your home to be beautiful, decorated with the finest of pieces and the best of everything. You also want your home to be unique, with a personality of its own that matches your style. How can all of these things be accomplished? With the right area rugs and a little bit of your creativity.

Choosing your Area Rugs

Area rugs from all around the world can be found with a few clicks of the mouse or a trip to your favorite rug store. These rugs can cover any size space that you want, with small square or oval choices for the front door as well as those large enough to cover half of the floor.

The area rugs look great inside of any room in the house, offering an easy way to build character and add a distinguishing taste to that particular area of the home. And, since there are literally hundreds of different rugs from all across the world as well as the option to custom design your own rug, you can be certain that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

More Creative Ideas

Once the area rug has been chosen, choose a few furniture pieces to accent the rug. There are really no limits to what you can do here. Go with contrasting colors or select something that is complimenting of one another. It is all up to you! A center table with an area rug placed underneath it is a stunning idea to add charm to the room. When you add a vase of beautiful flowers, the area will stand out even more. Choose real or faux, it is certainly up to you. You will be quite amazed at just what this can do to your room!

Be sure that you also add wall art. While it may not seem that art will have any affect on the floor, you want to entire room to blend together, to highlight one another. Your art should be in design with the rug, with at least colors in the same pattern.

The End Results

Creating an immaculate home is something that people pay thousands of dollars to do. But, with something as simple as an area rug and the right pieces you can save yourself the headache and the time by implementing a little do it yourself job.Not only will doing it yourself allow you to choose the things that you love the most, it will also allow that individuality come into your life. No one can choose what you like or how you like it put together better than you.

Above all else you will really have a fun time completing this task. Choosing things for your home is always so exciting, and as you see the way that your home is coming alive it is something you will be able to appreciate even more. Get ready to redesign the entire look of your home thanks to a creative mind and an area rug.

About the Author:

Originally from Ottawa, Fares Elsabbagh has been around construction his entire life. Fares co-founded VGC , and has more recently decided to spend time focusing on custom home building, and launched VCH. Fares loves Vancouver, and now calls it home.

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