Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

We are specialists at maintaining commercial and small business’s carpet care. The quality of your carpets directly reflects the way people view your business. We offer carpet care packages that suit any business’s needs.

Save Money & Time for Your Business

Save money and time by joining a maintenance program to suite your specific needs. Why wait until the carpets are heavily soiled to call for a cleaning when you can have clean carpets all year round.

  • Less time between cleanings means stains won’t set and can be removed, keeping your carpet looking new!
  • Save money by paying a monthly fee for the year that is almost equivalent to a one time clean.
  • Customize your cleaning plan. Make it every month or up to every 3 months. It’s up to YOU.
  • Interim cleaning of all high traffic areas
  • Treatment of spots and spills using professional techniques.
  • Restorative cleaning

Purpose of Cleaning and Maintenance

Your commercial carpet installation is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and overall facility image. It is important to implement a maintenance program from the beginning. A consistent and effective carpet maintenance program can maintain the initial facility image and dramatically extend the life of your monetary investment. It is our goal to assist you in preserving the original appearance of your commercial carpet. There are many valuable reasons we clean or maintain any object, including carpet. The incentive for an effective cleaning and maintenance program is magnified when we recognize these activities contribute to the following:

  • Allows for the healthy reuse of space and materials.
  • Maintains the value of property and reduces the rate of depreciation
  • Contributes directly to personal security, comfort, and productivity.
  • Accents aesthetics.
  • Creates a unique psychology that enhances quality of life.
  • Elevates a sense of well-being, which is the essence of good health

Purpose of Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Sends caring messages and image.
  • Promotes human dignity.
  • Manages waste and hazards and contributes to environmental protection.
  • Ensures sanitation – reduces adverse exposure levels.
  • Serves as a form of insurance that reduces risk and prevents crisis.

The appearance of carpet depends upon several factors – color, pattern, density, fibre, and a viable carpet maintenance program. In order to keep carpet products performing their best, designing and implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan is very important. Great care should be taken when choosing carpet colors, patterns, and textures. These features combined with fibre quality and construction standards engineered to meet performance requirements are important factors.

A customized comprehensive carpet care program consists of five elements:

  1. Soil Containment – isolation of soil entering the building using mats at entrances.
  2. Vacuuming – scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil.
  3. Spot and Spill Removal System – using professional spot removal techniques.
  4. Interim Cleaning – scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas.
  5. Restorative Cleaning – scheduled frequency deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils.

Areas where large amounts of sandy soil enter the building may become dull in appearance over time. This is due to abrasion of the fiber surface, affecting the reflection of light. Frequent vacuuming helps to minimize this problem. A thoughtfully designed and implemented maintenance program performed by qualified personnel, properly equipped and trained, is essential for optimal long-term performance.

If you don’t maintain it, you can’t expect it to stay clean.

Why chose Us?

  • Courteous, professional technicians trained on the latest carpet cleaning equipment to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule –including weekends
  • Green Products
  • Extra attention paid to trouble spots and heavy traffic areas
  • High powered equipment for optimal water extraction allowing your carpet to dry faster

Look and compare the difference. Get your carpets twice as clean then the leading competitors, and in less time. That means less cost to you now and in the future.

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